Servant Certification FAQ’s:

What is Servant Certification?

As announced by His Eminence, Metropolitan Serapion on XXX, Servant Certification is a certification that all Servants in the LA Diocese must obtain by the year 2020 in order to continue serving. The Certification establishes that the servant has the basic knowledge required to serve in the 7 different subject areas of the Coptic Orthodox Faith.

What/ Why is ACTS involved?

ACTS (St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Coptic School of Theology) is working hand in hand with the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles Christian Education department to fulfill the ongoing needs for servant education.

Who needs to take this exam?

Every existing servant in the diocese will need to pass this exam by 2020. Every incoming servant will need to pass the exam before they start their service.

Does this replace servants’ prep at my church?

No, this does NOT replace Servants Prep.

When do I have to complete the Servant Certification?

If you are an existing servant,  you have until 2020 to complete certification.

If you are a new/entering servant you have to be certified before you start your service.

Why are we having this exam?

There are many reasons to have this exam, some of them are:


  • Self Evaluation
  • To address the areas that are lacking in Servants Prep and Service.
  • So parents are aware of what is being taught to their children.


What Subjects are Covered in the Servant Certification?


  • Dogmatics
  • Liturgics
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Patristics
  • Apologetics
  • Church History


How do I become certified?

Servants can now obtain their certification in any of the following ways:

  1. Modular Videos: Watch videos and answer questions from the comfort of your own home & at your own pace. NEWLY LAUNCHED!
  2. Test Site(s): Proctored and timed at a set location. NO NEED TO WATCH VIDEOS IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE PREPARED TO TAKE THE TEST(S).
  3. Blend of Modules & Test Sites: Those who’ve passed some of the exams but would like to finish the rest of the sections from the comfort of their own home are welcome to begin using the modules.

Comparison Chart:


Servant Certification Exams Servant Certification Modules
Time Required 10 min for each section 5 hrs per section
Location Proctored Testing Center Anywhere!
Availability Only on Scheduled basis Anytime!
Cost 0$ 0$
Completion Required Same Day At your own pace
Can be combined with exam/modules yes yes

How will the Servant Certification be administered?

The tests will be administered in person at testing centers.

The modules can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection.


Will childcare be provided for the Servant Certification test?


Does certification apply to only Sunday School teachers?

No, the certification is important for any servant, however, they are even more important for those who serve in a teaching capacity (Hymnology, bible study, deacons, etc.)

What is a passing score?

The proctored exam is 7/10 on each exam section.

As for the Modules it is based on completion

Will the Exams/Modules be available in Arabic?

Not at this time.

Who will have access to my results?

Once you pass all 7 exams: Your priest and your church’s Director of Sunday School will be made aware that you have successfully passed all 7 exams.

If you Fail: Only you will be made aware of what sections you need to pass to complete the certification. The information is confidential. You only have to retake the section(s) that you did not pass.